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I love teaching. Sharing my experience and helping you discover the miracles of a genius piece is for me a magical experience, equally exciting as being on stage myself.

I try helping my students not only to "polish" the piece but to understand why to make this or that musical decision and to learn thinking by themselves. I welcome intelligent questions and students that have their own opinion. In other words, for me is important not only "what" and "how" but also "why"

30 min consultation lesson is designed especially for those who are willing to enter my class in Berlin and play entrance exams.

Topics to discuss:

suitable program , required pieces, musical and practical advices in order to play successfully at the entrance exams.

45 and 60 minutes lessons are for those who want to get more in depth in this or that musical piece or style. An online consultation cannot fully replace a face-to-face lesson but its a great alternative, if you live in Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Moon or Jupiter :)

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